Monday, April 11, 2011

Push rod covers..

Made easy. If you've ever busted your knuckles installing the clips on your push rod tubes, you'll appreciate this trick. Use the tip of your flat head screw driver to push the inner push rod tube up into its bore seating it firmly against its gasket.

Insert the clip using it to hold the inner push rod tube in place with your thumb while putting mild pressure down on the spring collar with your index finger.

Slip your screw driver under the clip pushing the tip gently against the inner push rod tube above the spring collar. Using the clip as a fulcrum point for your screw driver lever, push up on the screw driver pushing the spring collar down while putting pressure inward on the clip sliding it up the srew driver shaft toward the inner pushrod tube. Keep pushing the clip inward until it is in place against the inner push rod tube above the spring collar. Remove the screw driver and presto!!!


  1. Excellent tip! I like that it doesn't involve using leverage off of one of the cooling fins.

  2. Thats exactly what i like about it. It's one of those techniques that seem kinda obvious once you know it.

  3. Wes-I envy your skills! Looking good!

  4. IV-Thanks man! There aint nuthin to it but to do it! I dont know anything you cant learn! As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.