Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tongue in cheek.

My new footboard inserts. Laser cut from .125" stainless steel and brushed. For all the idiots who cant seem to find anything better to do than to point out the fact that "That's an AMF bike!" with their noses turned up as though they are smelling dog poop. If you don't like em', don't buy 'em! I'll take 'em all!


  1. YES! Adios Mo' Fo'!!! I love my AMF. I've been waiting to see these! One time, I was buying parts at the local indy and when he asked me what year my bike was I said, "75". Some other guy who was shopping said, "that's not a Harley! that's an AMF!" the owner of the shop who is also a shovel aficionado, shook his head and looked at me as if to say, "if i tried to explain it to him, he wouldn't understand anyway."


  2. boosta, i knew you would get it! i might have some of these for sale in the near future if you know anyone who would appreciate the sarcasm as we do.

  3. i love it. definitely, let me know if you have any of those for sale. i know some "amf junkees" who might be interested.