Friday, February 15, 2013

Best laid plans....

When I see things like this I can't help but wonder if this is exactly how it looked in their minds eye. I mean did they start with a good idea and end up with this? Is the deficiency in vision, or execution? I guess in the end it's really none of my business. They are at liberty to do as they please with their resources.


  1. Your guesses are as good as mine mate, never seen so many kitchen utensils on top of a carby in my life . . . never been a fan of trikes other than legit Servicars, stuff a V8 into the equation and running away laughing.

  2. not sure on this one bro- part of me says 'take their tools away' and the other says 'live and let live'...i guessit's a case of whatever floats ya boat.

    1. I'm picking up what yer layin' down Seb. I've never been one to extinguish the flame of creativity. Hopefully, if properly encouraged, theirs will yield something to admire.