Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a great night to ride!!!

75°, clear skies, a great running Caroline! It just doesn't get much better!

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  1. Nice work mate, the Grey Ghost looking lovely, even with the sheep's carcass draped over the seat . . . LOL.

    1. Lol! IT'S SOOOOO FLUFFY!!!!! I hope all is well down under mate. Like the purple penis color shifter, sweet Caroline took on a rather odd hue in the light of the full moon and a flickering street lamp.

    2. The paint looks so deep mate, which so few achieve with a monochrome colours like grey, green and brown, it almost glows in the shot, and the straight apes suit the full dresser look a lot better than the usual flared type.

  2. Yep, looking good, shovelheads always run well during the full moon, after the summer solstice, with new plugs and a fresh tank of leaded gasoline.

    Just beware of the deer at night.
    (and werewolves)

  3. Looking good Wes. Guess that's why they say you shouldn't go look at vehicles for sell after dark...better to give them the eyeball under the harsh light of day. Haha..wooly bully...