Sunday, September 15, 2013


One of the old timers, when asked if he had served on an LST during WW2, replied "thankfully, no!", musing that LST stood for "large slow target". This LST, designated 325 is the last surviving vessel from the D-Day invasion. Our meager $20 admission to tour this relic will power the engines for a mere 6  minutes.

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  1. Cracker post mate, being the son of a WWII era sailor, brave men were they . . . love the Patton lookalike with the ivory handled Peacemakers.

  2. My only question:

    How'd that thing end up in Evansville?

    1. Well you see, it floats, and there's this big ass river that makes up the southern border of IN.....Lol! I guess the story goes that a group of investors who were all LST Veterans wanted to do a memorial, so they scraped up some funds and went and bought this one from the Greek Navy scrap yard and brought it back to operational status. They apparently picked Evansville to be the home port of the memorial because of a ship yard erected there to produce only LST's.