Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deep breaths.

Picked up a super cool breather cover from Jr's Cycle Products. Real nice quality, Heavy duty cast part!

Had to make an adapter to fit it to my CV seein as how it was made for a Linkert. That all worked out nicely. I cut a filter screen for it which seems to be too restrictive, need to find a courser mesh screen.

The plan was to bolt this up and make my CV carb beautiful. However, the profound ugliness of the CV may have succeeded in making an otherwise beautiful breather cover a little uglier. I'm pretty sure I like it though. It'll stay. It's just too bad the CV's are so ugly, cause they work sooooo good!


  1. i like it, i think i will be getting one for the shovel.

  2. I like it. Didn't think the mesh would do that. Wow !


  3. Theron, I too was a bit surprised. We'll have to see what else we can find. ;)

  4. How do you like the CV on the shovel Wes? Ive been thinking of swapping out the S&S for one.

  5. Dan, I'll never take anything away from S&S. They make a great carb and lots of other great products, but the CV makes a shovel so much more streetable than the S&S ever did. It truely is a night and day difference.

  6. Cool piece from Jr. Those screens are horrid though. Run it without anything and you'll be gold. Even the looser screens will give you trouble.

    1. Brian, I ended up making a screen from a stainless sink strainer. Seems to work pretty well. I may go to something with more filtration though, I'm tired of tearing my engine apart! LOL!