Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taiwan Teddy Sucks!!!!

Thats my pet name for V-Twin Mfg for those who didnt already know. Whatever you do, do not buy one of these high flow fuel ports from them! Straight thread=fuel leak. Took some effort to dry it up.


  1. V-Twin is also selling poor quality parts under the Sifton & Gary Bang names. When I contacted Gary Bang he replied that they were using his good name without his permission.

  2. That's a pisser!! I really ought to boycott, but it's getting so hard to find any parts not to mention good parts!

  3. Gee, who would have thought shitty parts from V-twin. put together a 49' pan with customer supplied parts, repop trans from same company, trans sounded like a bucket of bolts when rolled over by hand and the releasing finger in kicker cover snaped in half before I could finish adjusting the clutch, $1500 worth of pure shit. Chad Wilson