Sunday, June 10, 2012

Balancing Act

I spent some time at Williams Precision Engines recently working on a static balancing job on Carolines' fly wheels. I weighed my pistons and found that they were 2 grams different in weight, so I worked some material off of the internal bosses to balance them. I also worked some material off of the wrist pin end of one of my connecting rode to balance the weight of the rods. They started out at 11 grams difference, I was able to bring them within two. Then after weighing out all of my up and down and roundy round parts, I balanced the fly wheels by drilling weight out of the heavy spot. I've probably gone further balancing this engine than I have any other, we'll know soon enough if my efforts were in vain. Over kill you say? I say "like spit in the ocean, every little bit helps.

1 comment:

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