Sunday, June 10, 2012

Born Free 4

It's just around the corner, and this is the engine that is supposed to take me there!! I've got to build it, install it, and break it in before we leave. Someone better pick up the pace!!!


  1. Come on man, get on the case and get it done, I ain't going anymore and am bummed bigtime, I'll be ithcin to see your photos. Again mate, like with Noot's stuff, I get so buzzed seeing the commitment to getting the job right, the micro measurements that make all the difference in the final analysis, good luck Wes, go hard, as Quo sung, 'Come on sweet Caroline . . . '

    1. Total bummer!!! What happened?!? I thought you were in for sure. Disappointed I won't get to meet you. Maybe next time. I'm tryin' hard to get there. My bro Jeffrey has offered up his shovel if mine don't make it.

    2. Sadly mate, reality happened, a totally unforseen daddy/daughter thing, so yeah, fully bummed on that level but time with my little monster is precious as you know. Stoked you've got the option on a ride but I'm sure the Grey Ghostess will be completed in time, crank it up buddy, you'll be good to go . . . like I said, relyin on your photos for a different perspective to what most will be.