Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Neck Express!!

So, my friend James in Cross Plains, IN. gave me a call and needed to sell his '83 FXRS. I threw out some feelers and my buddy John in Memphis, TN. picked up on it. A few text messages later and BAM, we're makin' a road trip to blues town! As usual,  bruddah Jeffery filled the roll of PIC (partner in crime). 900+ miles later, a walk down Beale St., a laughter filled evening with friends, some awesome steaks on the grill, a hot midget air brush tattoo artist, a visit with Gringo and Miss Tammy (I love you guys!), and some much needed quality time with the worlds best brother later, and we're home safe and sound and tired. Good seein' you John, had been too long brother.Good to meet you Lynda. See ya'll at The Rumble!!

1 comment:

  1. Bloody wonderful stuff Wes, pleasantly envious, one day, one day . . .