Sunday, December 16, 2012

reClaim to fame......

I've decided to input the necessary extra effort to reclaim as much of the original wood trim as possible in my kitchen/dining room remodel. This serves several purposes; decreased landfill contribution, decreased consumption of natural resources, decreased financial expenditure, ect. While I'm far from being an ecocrazy, I do believe that conservation is always a good practice. But mostly I just love the character and texture of the old wood. After all, it is telling a nearly 100 year old story.

P.S. I'm tired of playing carpenter, I want to work on something with wheels!!!


  1. looks good man, carpenter by trade and can say i always dig on the old casing "details" over new... and yours look to be in good shape.

  2. Thanks man! This whole house is a balloon construction, lowered ceiling, vinyl wrapped nightmare!! I figure I should preserve what I can as past owners have done it no favors. Thanks for stopping in.