Monday, April 15, 2013

Liberal logic, or lack thereof...

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  1. Liberals/Socialists/Progressives/Totalitarians don't like to be confused by such things as reality and logic.

  2. In other words, men should have choices but women should not...
    And everything that kills people outside of the womb is OK, because God only cares about fetuses.

    1. Every woman, young and old, has the "CHOICE" to use contraceptives and be responsible thus avoiding an unwanted pregnancy! Why should poor "CHOICES" on your part give you the right to murder an innocent unborn child?!?!? You, as a woman(assuming you are), have more "CHOICES" than I. After all, I don't have the a "CHOICE" to kill another living human being. I have to satisfy my urge to kill on poor innocent defenseless animals. And for future reference, if your comment is so stupid that you are not even willing to tell us your name and take credit for it, don't post it! If the conservative doesn't like a blog, he just doesn't visit. Only the self righteous liberal feels the need to force their opinions on others.

  3. Thank you anonymous, for completely missing the logic in the cartoon and brilliantly bolstering my point.
    Love it.