Saturday, April 13, 2013

Natural Bridge Kentucky

The second leg of our "spring break" trip took us through eastern Kentuckys Red River Gorge to Natural Bridge state resort park. While there, we enjoyed air temperatures of around 35*, ground temperatures over 40*, and a snow storm that produced blizzard like conditions, especially on the 
higher elevation trails. As you can well imagine, these were not ideal conditions for hiking! We did however manage to log about 3.5 miles of trail, so all was not lost.

The snowy conditions were unlike any I had seen in the park, having only been there in warmer months,
and made for some beautiful photo opportunities. Unfortunately, I lack the skill to take advantage of such opportunities!!

The kids and I were undeterred by the weather conditions and wanted to explore every possible square inch of this amazing creation.

This sign lied! With the blizzard like conditions there was no scenic view of the bridge to bee had!
Below is all that could be seen form look out point. If you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left, you might see a silhouette of Natural Bridge with four hikers traversing its sandstone deck. Good luck with that.

Abby and Will were none the less excited to be out enjoying Gods great creation.

After several hours trudging through snow, ice, mud, and petrified prehistoric animal droppings, we were glad to find a trail the led back to the lodge!

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  1. Fantastic buddy, love the steps hewn out of that solid stone . . . looks chilly, brrrrrr !! Avagoodweekend mate.