Saturday, May 12, 2012

The primary function,

Primarily speaking, is to primarily repair the primary inner primary locating ring. Finally got around to making an arbor to machine my engine cases. Caroline had the typical inner primary locating ring failure which needed to be repaired. Without it, primary case leaks are prevalent. I made the arbor in such a way as to allow me to machine both the mating surface of the case and the primary locating ring. This replaces the old weak aluminum ring with a more durable steel locating ring. The cases get bored to a slip fit and the ring is secured with green Loctite. All I need to do now is clear the new ring for my stator plug and we're back in business! Of course, being the retard that I am, I neglected to take any "before" pics! If any of you should happen to find yourselves in a position to need this service, I'd be happy to assist you.


  1. What service mate ? The non taking of photes ? I love the 'Grey Ghost' man, the OG stealth mosheen, just like the Queen Mary in WWII, a really cool, clean and undoudtedly rapid big beastie Wes . . . schweet bro, enjoy the weekend buddy.

    1. Ole Caroline is a good one. I'm still working on correcting some past neglect. Won't be long now and she'll be ready to go anywhere.