Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stator plug clearance

After securing the new inner primary to engine locating ring with "Retaining Grade" green Loctite, it is necessary to create clearance for the stator plug. I like to do this after the ring is in place so I can blend the surfaces. Probably not totally necessary and would be very difficult to do without a pencil grinder. In the past I have also put the ring in place, used a carbide tipped scribe to trace the stator plug clearance onto the O.D. of the new ring, and then, using a 4" fender grinder, cut the clearance to the scribe line. Either method is effective.


  1. Am I weird, I get such a turn-on seeing blokes do gorgeous work on motors, awesome stuff mate, I so admire precision, care and passion.

  2. You're probably a little weird, just not for that!! I love seeing it and doing it!!

  3. That's impressive and a big step up from the "jb weld" method many have advised me on!