Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sheared imperfection

This guy wanted the mid control shift linkage removed from his inner primary after having switched to forward controls. He says "Oh yeah, I think my clutch was slipping. Can you check that out?" Some people just are not meant to ride Troubleheads!


  1. I've got all this to look forward to mate, I have heard, however, that the '74 FXE was immune to such failings as it is widely believed to be the greatest model ever produced, the zenith of the brilliant AMF era, an engineering masterpiece par excellence . . . please don't tell me I've been duped ??? Te he he, ha ha ha !!!

    1. AMF, I love you!!! Hahaaaa!! Really, this kind of stuff doesn't happen that often to guys who maintain their bikes well. This moron neglected to replace the lock tab washer under the clutch hub nut, which subsequently loosened up, causing this failure. They don't put two and two together and realize it was there for a reason.