Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cades Cove Scenic Loop, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Do not do this on an air 

cooled bike!!!!
This is certainly a national treasure and a must see, just not from the saddle of an air cooled machine! There are no signs warning you that the other people can't read signs. Signs like "Be courteous to other drivers and pull over to take pictures". There should be signs that say things like "If you are air cooled, turn back now!" or "Be prepared to be trapped in two hours of stop and go hell while idiots stop in the middle of the road and literally exit their vehicles to take pictures of domesticated animals!"(that would be a lot for one sign, I know) The bike I was riding got so hot that the oil pressure dropped to 0!! I could literally smell the oil burning out of the engine. By the time I got out of the loop and park, and got to a gas station, I was nearly two quarts low on engine oil! Definitely go see this beautiful place, but be kind to your motorbike, do it in a car or hike it.


  1. All that enjoyment on one stretch of road Wes, wow, God loves you . . . but seriously mate, that's a truck load of the slippery stuff to using, glad you made it through . . . people really are idiots man.

  2. I rode out to Sturgis one year in my beloved, and much missed, '06 Electraglide Standard. It was literally 115 F in the shade! Really no fun at all. I was riding along about 60 mph and had to keep looking down at my engine, thinking there is no way in hell something with that much heat coming off it can't be on fire! I got off the highway into a small town. I checked my oil, and the 50w oil was dripping off the dipstick like it was water!
    I love Harleys, the Electraglide is the most comfortable bike to ride long distance ever, but early 20th century technology has its limits. I understand Harley has a liquid cooled engine (V-rod similar) in the works for the Big Twins in the near future.

    Good thing you let your shovel stay home to hold down the fort.

  3. That kind of stuff goes on everywhere. When I worked at Lake Tahoe, couldn't wait for the tourist season to end. Riding a bike around the lake in summer could be a real hassle in summer.Yeah, park the car and take a hike for cryin' out loud...