Saturday, August 17, 2013

OK is Okay 2013; Route 66, Baxter Springs, KS.

I'm not much on writing big long stories as most of you have probably picked up on. I'm more of a visually stimulated kind of guy. For some good write ups on the "OK is Okay 2013" ride, keep an eye out here or here. I'll be proving a mostly pictorial account.

I'm pretty sure I saw the number sixty-six about sixty-six million six-hundred sixty-six thousand six hundred sixty-six point six six times (the point six six was the partially operational neon on display in a store  window)!! Enough times in fact that I'm hesitant to type the two digits in sequence unless absolutely necessary!

This whole trip kind of  caught me off guard. I'm not sure if it was the tremendous amount of nine to fiver stuff I had to button up before leaving, or the few remaining hours I had to prepare for departure, or the fact that I was riding a bike that was somewhat  unfamiliar to me or.........What ever it was, it stuck with me through the whole trip. So much so that I felt the need to break off from the group on Thursday morning and try to out run it. After a 750 mile day from OK to the Nastyville, I found it there too. I awoke on Friday morning tired and alone wanting only to be home but was afraid I'd regret the decision to end the trip early, so I packed up and headed for Maggie Valley. With the end of the tourist season in full view I didn't find too many friendly faces in TN/NC. I don't blame any of them. Burn out is the only thing that seems to be universal. In retrospect, I should have stuck with the group and departed only when time left no other option. Lesson learned.

Perhaps it is life in general that has me seemingly on my heels.
I still seem to be in a bit of a funk, but that's about all I'm going to say about that.

Even with the lingering funk and hanging mind cloud, I can't imagine a better trip, or better guys to be on the road with. I'm sorry fellas if rained on any parades.

I've typed too many words! I must stop now........


  1. The psychology of a road trip is a subject I've pondered long and hard. The wild swings from euphoria to dejection seem unavoidable. I've come to expect them, which helps. It takes a fairly extended trip to "get into the groove." At least two weeks, and even then the highs and lows haunt you, though much less.

    I used to travel with groups of other riders. It was fun, but I much prefer to ride alone, with no itinerary and only a vague concept of destination. No committee meetings about where to go, when to stop or what campground/motel to stay in.

    I may explore the subject further and post my inane thoughts.

    But, cheer up man, it'll shake itself out.

    1. I would definitely be interested in further hearing/reading your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for the encouragement! Are you by chance going to Detroit for Oily Souls?

  2. Wes, don't be down on yourself man, a bloke can only follow his heart, there was clearly a reason and you went with it . . . like Herm, nearly every major ride I've undertaken over twenty five years has been solo, not sure why, just transpires that way, oddly, the 'funk' usually descends over me while at the destination . . . thanks for the great pics and open, honest commentary, peace brother.

  3. I'd love to check out Oily Souls Wes, but I'm trying to wrap up some things around here and prepare for a semi-extended ride, (sound familiar) in early September.
    Sounds like a cool event, and I'd like to support Diesel's efforts. I might be able to break free, but unlikely.

    "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me!"

  4. Like it's said, a good pic is worth a thousand words...or at least a hundred. Great pics Wes. Agree with the group ride thing...haven't done one in about thirty years, and don't think I'll ever do it again. (Unless it was with Phil Read, leading a group of nubes around the Isle of Man...don't know if he does those anymore...). I've got one or two guys out here I'd motor around with, but the group thing wears thin after awhile, and solo is a good way to get into your own thing. Keep posting them pics, someday I'd love to explore your part of the USA.

  5. I'm not at all attributing the funk to the fact it was a group ride, but rather to my own lack of mental, physical, spiritual, financial, mechanical, and (fill in the blank) preparation! We all jived great, couldn't ask for a better group to roll with. I'd pack up and hit the road with this group, in full or part, right this second and for any reason!

    1. Sounds like you got a good group. My experiences were with a not so great group, and all that other stuff you mentioned too...hahaha.

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    1. LOL! True dat Jake! Did you notice I had OK in the title?!? If so, good eye. Thanks for stopping in!