Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oily Souls, The Bikes, Pt. 1

Never in all my life had I seen such an amazing selection of bikes all in one place. I've been to so many shows and seen so many bikes. It's always the same thing time after time. Billet here, bolt on's there. Every once in a while you'll see something innovative and different, but too often it feels like an after thought on a compilation with no overall theme, direction, or cohesiveness. This show, however, was so totally different. Every bike here was of such exceeding quality. And the variety of styles was incredible! Brad was absolutely spot on with the invitations. The award was left up to the spectators discretion, a task which was wholly impossible for any person who actually comprehended what was before them. After circling the floor dozens of times for what felt like an eternity, I came to the conclusion that I simply could not pick a single machine above the rest. I decided rather to vote for the builder. The person who impressed me most with his genuine demeanor, and all around niceness. Now I'm not going to give away who it was, but suffice to say he is a top shelf dude who has built a successful career, a beautiful family, and woven a quality fabric of good deeds, good friends, and good vibes. And oh, by the way, he builds a positively spectacular two wheeled freedom machine!!


  1. WOW !!! No point me blurbing on here mate, two simply outstanding posts and a cracking written review to match . . . c'mon, fess up, who got the nod ????

  2. Noice stuff. That bicycle is very cool....geared to go 60 or something?

    1. I don't know how long it's legs are, I just know that Steve is and extremely talented guy!! See more here,